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We are india's premier Content & Campaign management agency. For us, content is the king & messaging is the key. We use various Socio-Political data-driven tools & matrices to form political messaging strategies for our clients. We have a passion to analyze dynamically changing political developments to do better risk management. We help our clients with strategic consulting and detailed on-ground intelligence which helps to implement a high-pitch electoral campaign.

Our campaign initiative includes Content & Narrative Management, Socio-Political & demographic research, Policy consulting, Social Media Communication, Out-of-the-Box narrative-based events, On-ground analysis and a rip-roaring multi-media campaign.

We believe that a precise team can do wonders and can shape democracy for a better future. We would like to invite some of the brightest minds to join our team which brings a decade of experience in building political narratives that bring change, starts a discussion that can help to mould the electoral ecosystem of our country.

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